Cumbrian Galoppen

Photo credit LOC Flickr account

The annual Cumbrian Galoppen series consists of events staged by the three main Cumbrian Clubs, BL, LOC and WCOC, and spread throughout the year. Scores are allocated to runners from the Cumbrian Clubs according to their position in the results for the seven courses usually offered. [99 points for the first placed runner, 98 for the second placed etc.] A league is maintained with individuals’ scores listed, and then their best five scores producing their Galoppen total for the year. The individual (both male and female) winners on each colour course are declared. The club competition, for the Borrowdale Trophy, is the highest total score for the best five competitors for each club on each of the seven colour coded courses. A club team would therefore have a maximum of 175 scores possible to total to produce the club Score.

Borrowdale Trophy
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